Hazel Runway ft Tempteys

Hey guys I recently got invited to the launch of “Tempteys” new store @ indiranagar, you can look it up on google maps. Celebrity Tanya was invited to inaugurate the store! Got to meet her as well and take a shot ❤️ It’s located in the best part of the city, and I must say […]

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Boho+Ethnic+THE URBAN

HEY Again!!!!! I just put up a youtube video yesterday, and I honestly didn’t expect such great feedback ❤ Thankyou so much !!!!!! I’m going to take this forward! Please do subscribe to “Hazel Runway” Comment and share the video ❤ It would mean a lot for you to be a part of my journey! […]

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Military Grunge (THE CAMO STORY)

HEYAAAAA! As early as 1943, Vogue magazine picked up on the field trends and incorporated it into the fashion world. It basically just explained what military camouflage was to Vogue readers and its main function. It wasn’t until 1971 when the next article came and featured a trend collage on camo with images of girls […]

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That Classy Velvet Skirt!

Hey guys :3 Happy new year to you all , loads of love! How’s the brand new year going ? Did the new year , new me thing work out this time :P? hehe SO, This is one of my favourite look that I came up with quite some time ago. As velvets are the […]

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Hazel Runway Ft Shivasgateway

Hey guys!!!! It’s been long since I wrote content for my blog ! SO I am back at it again. I am enjoying the weather in Bangalore aren’t all of ya’ll too ? I have been currently submerged and consumed since college has started. Have been trying to make time for my shoots, and schedule […]

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The Off Shoulder Edit!

The Hazel Runway. She walks the runway with her hazel eyes, she talks about her dreams, she lives the life. I hope you guys believe In yourself today just a little more than yesterday? Holaaaa!!!! Welcome back to The Hazel Runway. Finally made time to write this post! Whatsupp guys how you been doing ? […]

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Hazel Runway ft. Woodland

Hey guys.. Welcome to Hazel Runway ❤ As you guys are familiar with my posts and stories on Instagram you would’ve known about the Woodland’s event recently that I attended at the Indiranagar branch. It was a wonderful experience overall ❤ and it being my first brand event I was so Excited to attend and […]

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That Fusion Story! 

Hey beautiful people! After so long, I’m finally writing content. I was running around for my college admissions, and I was tensed and confused on what to take up for the rest of my life. But, Finally I took up engineering, which also lands me in a little fix. As I won’t be thaat free […]

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