Hazel Runway ft. Woodland

Hey guys.. Welcome to Hazel Runway ❤

As you guys are familiar with my posts and stories on Instagram you would’ve known about the Woodland’s event recently that I attended at the Indiranagar branch.
It was a wonderful experience overall ❤ and it being my first brand event I was so Excited to attend and meet  fellow bloggers and talented people around Bangalore.

I had such a great time, talking to each one of them beauties.

This event was basically for the new collection launch. I really loved the new “On the go collection”. It was far more than what I expected!
I thought they’d have these boring woody colours but I’m so glad they’ve introduced an amazing collection of wide range shoes, heels, boots, pumps, and handbags as well!

SO I had a chance to pair myself with my type  of footwear and a bag.

I had to grab these beautiful wine coloured boots, along with a wine coloured leather handbag that perfectly was made for my grunge outfit.!

I was so happy with my look, and the picture as well.!

I had a great time with Woodland !
I guess you should go and check out their new awesome collection!
Thankyou for having me Nischita

Enjoy the pictures !!!



That Fusion Story! 

Hey beautiful people!

After so long, I’m finally writing content. I was running around for my college admissions, and I was tensed and confused on what to take up for the rest of my life. But,

Finally I took up engineering, which also lands me in a little fix. As I won’t be thaat free to go around shooting, but I’ll balance my weights anyways! Because, you never give up on what you really love to do!

Well, the weather in Bangalore is to die for ❤ how you guys putting up with it ?

Coming to “That fusion story.”

I got this black split buttoned tunic from my store YUVA, it really gives this edgy and ethnic look at the same time. It is a little big for me, but it doesn’t matter , all that matters is how we style it.

I paired it with my mum’s kundan necklace, which looked so pretty and became the best element in the entire outfit.

You guys by now would have known, that I really love boots!

I’ve been wearing boots since childhood, I might as well do an entire post on boots! I wore this tunic , on my ‘People’ jeggings, which has no specific pant elements, making my life so much more easier. I also added the beautiful kundan hand accesory from Here .

So, I hope I’ve made it easier for y’all to know fusion elements are also pretty cool for life. Sport that necklace on any of your tunics or even shirts, get confident at any party, a family get together, or even a function.

Tell me what are the other things you’d like to know from me!

I happened to shoot this on a train track again so excuse me for that 😂

See ya Next time with a different location, a different concept, and a lot of more information! Enjoy the pictures !

Love, xox


Red Riding Boots !

Hi Amber hearts!

Today I’ll present to you my favourite shoot and look❤

Well, this is a beautifully designed gown that has no label, but was bought from Australia, guess what? 

My mom had bought it for herself, and I really loved the way it looked. So I thought I’d pair it up with some red earrings that I got from Goa last year.

And wallllah! It was my look, paired with some boots..

Really gave this cowboy feel. 

I don’t have much to say here. But, for this winter try out gowns that could keep you warm, and stylish at the same time. The boots that add so much more detail😍🤑

So get warmer this winter, stylish together!  ❤ Enjoy the pictures..

Bye peeps❤

Hazel Runway Ft. Lavender The Boutique.

Hey guys! 

I’m sorry I was off from the blog for quite sometime now. Until now I haven’t really done an ethnic shoot, well here I am with 4 exclusively designed ethnic pieces by Rashmi from Lavender The Boutique

A one stop clothing and accessory store  that devoir your ethnic needs, providing a mixture of ethnic and trendy outfits. Her vision of providing excellent customer service and customised clothing especially for you women. All the work is Handmade, right in the boutique. Located in Kalyan Nagar Check their website out for more details!  click here

I personally loved all the collection they had designed such cheerful colours , they also make designed handbags and clutches, that would absolutely add a great finish to your outfit.

1st Look – The Butterfly Gown

I’m wearing this graceful and alluring butterfly gown designed by her, the gown is Made of raw silk, it’s made so comortable and looked so attractive that many people loved the way it was so uniquely designed. Perfect for a simple function or even a reception, to stand out among the crowd ! The clutch is handmade that finishes the outfit perfectly.

The 2nd look – Kurta made of Chanderi cotton With hand aari work a very pretty light colour! Duppata a magenta pink  with marbaling effect attatched with a  stone lace border. Bag is handmade with brocade fabric! I really think one of us should try such a look atleast once in a week! So feminine and graceful. They make exclusive Women Tights as well! 

3rd look – Lehenga& blouse with Gota work

The fabric used for this marvellous piece is silk with  gota work on lehenga. Duppata is made with a pink border along with some gota lace, That really completes the look! .

The 4th look- The black butterfly tunic.

Custom-made dress ,Hand & mashine embroidery on a printed black and white gorgeous material,  made by Hand & machine embroidery. Totally a mixture of trendy and ethnic!

Guess what ? That amazing crystal necklace is hand made too!   😍

So what are you waiting for guys?  

Head to their amazing boutique, learn more from  their website lavender the boutique

Follow them on instagram –  https://www.instagram.com/lavendertheboutique/ keep it touch with the latest trends ! 


See ya guys until next time! 


Lavender, The Boutique

#728, 2nd Cross Road,

HRBR Layout 1st Block,

Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore – 560043
Website: http://www.lavendertheboutique.com

Location on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/uwVt24zqEK22

Picture Credits – https://www.instagram.com/skylitdesignsphotography/

The Creamy Walk!

Hey beauties! 

I’m back again with a creamy look, it’s classy I bet, yet so comfortable. Creame is something that lasts forever, it gives us this perfect lady like look. Every girl  should have atleast one creame coloured garment in the closet, it adds so much more calmness to us ladies and girls. 

Priyanka chopra went for this, and I thought why not! I have this creame high low dress in my store where all of you guys can get my look and Priyanka’s as well 

This is the link- https://yuva.wooplr.com/product/5064803909107712/night-and-sway-high-low-dress

I went for a high-low dress. Any girl of any size could be confident in , trust me. 

I love boots, I grabbed these boots from H&M and guys you get these boots in brigade and Mg road as well! Go get them, winter is starting! The boots added a grungy look to this classy one! 

They’re a must in your wardrobe 💗

The beautiful necklace from-  Beauties world here

Enjoy the pictures! 

I’m sorry for so many pictures but i loved everything! 

Please let me know in the comments if you liked it, and what are the other things you guys would love to see.! 

Thankyou 💗💗 keep pouring in the love 😁

There’s a lot more coming up stay tuned ! 

Into the Wild.

Into the wild be free, nomadic soul..just be! 

We all want to be free? And we’re all set on this journey on a boat called life.. not knowing what we’ll end up being! I want to tell you or just remind you, you are every thing that you’re looking for outside that you’ll probably never find. Don’t run away from yourself, don’t run away from reality. You were born for a reason, and that reason is you. 💗 Stay wild! BE WILD! WANDER, AND NEVER STOP EXPLORING🕴

Hey guys, I hope you had a wonderdul weekend..! I created a few looks in the past week and I hope you really like them! Instagram saw the first post on this series. I just fell in love on how the pictures turned out to be. Coming to the clothing.. 

I chose a black short flair dress with bell sleeves from Forever 21. Boots from H&M. 

Guess what?Similar and almost same dresses are on my store Yuva and the insta account to keep you updated with all the latest trends yuva_cray.

 I just felt this look was a mix of grungy elements and boho vibes with the greenery of Lalbagh that made the pictures look extraordinary. 

I went with low- high black boots, that are so comfortable during this Autumn season. 

I went for minimal make up, according to me, lipstick, eyeliner and kajal are my essentials.  And my handbag from Burberry!

So what are you waiting for guys shop on this autumn and monsoon 🙈💃🕴🙏 

There’s also a giveaway (The previous post) do participate ❤

Hugs XO

There is so much more coming up stay tuned! Enjoy the pictures loves 💗



GIVEAWAY! 5Th JULY TO 23rd JULY (Closed)

Hello everyone,
I am here with a giveaway in collaboration with three of my blogger friends.

Are you guys excited about it?

Let’s read further to know all the details.
Collaborating Bloggers

Before sharing the set of rules, I would like to introduce all the bloggers :

●Varsha from vandytheblogger (Myself)

I am a student and a writer, who might publish a book in the nearest future. I am a Bangalore-based YouTuber, fashion, travel, lifestyle and beauty blogger. I am the founder of YUVA – my official clothing store.

●Amrit Kaur from @amritkaur_amy

I am a writer and graphic designer by profession and a Delhi-based blogger by choice. I write blogs on beauty, product reviews, fashion, food and lifestyle.

●Namrata Kumari from @my_closetdiary

 I am a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger and photographer based in Bangalore. I share my take on fashion that would look good on any girl or women, without burning a hole in your pockets.

●Bhavana from @thevoguewanderer

I am a fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel and DIY blogger. I am a Bangalore-based blogger, who gives lifestyle and personal style tips as well as beauty tips on the blog.


Let’s come to the giveaway details.
Giveaway Prizes:

Each blogger will be selecting a winner (who completes all the steps) from the comments section of their own profile. So, there would be four winners. The winners will be getting the given products as mentioned here:

 ●Face wash, BB cream, after bath oil, nail paint and jewellery pieces.


●Jewellery piece, face sheet mask and lipstick.


●Sunglasses, lip gloss and lipsticks.

●Jewellery pieces and bandini phone cover.

All of us met over Instagram about a month ago. Soon we got to know each other and became good friends. One day, we were talking  and suddenly an idea of giveaway collaboration came up. So, we took this idea forward and here we are with our first giveaway collaboration.

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The Giveaway starts on 5th July 12:00 p.m. 

The Giveaway ends on 21 July 12:00 p.m. 

Entries before and after the given timings will not be considered.

The results will be announced on 23 July on the Blog of all the Bloggers.


No giveaway accounts are welcomed.

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Giveaway Winners
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Hey guys, this was my first giveaway. 

Well there are many that are going to be up

Those who did not win, don’t get disheartened. There are more giveaways coming in future. Stay in touch with all the profiles and participate to multiple your chances in winning.

Love all!!

Classy Bossing

Hey lovelies💕 

So here I am with the last look based on the summer season! This is one of my favourite looks I hope you like it !   Before I shift to winter and monsoon lookbooks , how to keep up through  monsoon and the winter seasons, I’d love to thank all of you, who really loved my work and who always wanted more of it. It is so encouraging, and only because of you guys I’ve gained some recognition with other bloggers, and also achieved 2k followers on Instagram! All these are stepping stones. Xx There are plenty of ideas running in my head, that I haven’t had  the time to put my hands onto, there are also so many reviews and videos coming soon! So stay tuned. 

So this was the day I shot 3 looks in a row starting right from 7am. This was was the first shoot, I loved the way it turned out. 

As you can see, this  sort of below knee length dress could be so comfortable to roam in even on rainy and sluggish days. It’s perfect for those lazy days too… as you don’t have to do anything! Match your watch and you’re off to go. 

I got this mintish green dress from “Mint Velvet” , I’m guessing we won’t get it India that much.

But such dresses are overflowing on my store Yuva ♡ as well as other e-commerce sites. You must have atleast one of them 😍 !  

I think it’s perfect for a casual day out with family, brunches, or even dinner and shopping! 

So get your hands on this and get classy bossing ! 

Until next time xx ❤🙏

Any comments or suggestions mail me at – varshakiru16@gmail.com

Comment below or Dm me on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/vandytheblogger/

Black And Her Flowers 


So hello again guys, welcome to my blog. 

And hope by now you guys have become my constant readers. 

Well, this is a late post.

The last  getaway I  had was Hyderabad. And I couldn’t miss the world’s famous ‘Ramoji film city.’ Its also ranked as the most haunted place, if you believe in such things xD ? Haha. Well I came home safe and sound with a lot of memories along with a bunch of pictures to pour out to y’all.

So I had bought this maxi dress from The Goa flea market or also called the Saturday market. Its stitched  really well. And the price is so amazing. I added my personal touch to it, by accesorizing itwith an afghani black metal choker necklace. Which really gave the junky funky beachy maxi dress a royal look. You wouldn’t have thought that these two would go so well together ! But, I’m just this kinda person who looks for the perfect match 😛 

This did perfect under the sun. And I knew you’d have amazing sets in the film city. It sure did. It’s a must visit one day. Very beautifully maintained. I paired my set of clothes with my Chanel bag that I had got as a gift for my birthday! It sure did look good. With some heels of course. 


These old vintage cars looked so cool for my blog! 


So next time you plan on visiting The famous Ramoji film city. Why not be a little royally fused with some funky florecent graffiti on your maxi dress ? 


Pose on ! Click click! 


 I hope you guys loved this look of mine ? 

And I hope you get yours too! 

So travel till your heart wears off. Live and breathe. Capture the present moment and cherish it. Believe in yourself, you can do wonders. 


Thankyou, see y’all  in the next post!Goa is one of my favourite places to shop, next time do get your hands on these 💕 xx


The Cardigan Statement.

Hey you guys, 

Bangalore happens to forget the sunny days now! So the rainy days are approaching. I loveee cardigans, do you?? 

Cardigans are similar to Kimonos and kimonos are mostly towards the boho style. Cardigans are long shrugs with a formal touch , that create a sophesticated and elegant look.

They can be flowy or come with belts and buttons. This time I teamed it with a high waisted denim skirt from StalkBuyLove, a black plain tank top from Yuva, my pretty heels from StreetStyleStoreForever 21 has the prettiest accesories and the choker is from there! 

But you know what ?? The land of chokers is Brigade road !!!!!! THEY HAVE AMAZING ACCESSORIES, But you’ve to be specific and know what you want to style it with! They have chokers from thin to thick or even size of dog collars 😂. Next time buy as many as you can 😍 Don’t you forget to bargain! 

Tip – I’ve inshirted my tank top to leave my body with a good posture! You cannot let it hanging like a Tshirt and a cardigan on that ! Haha. If you do, only the T shirt will get all the attention and you don’t want that do you?! 

Tip 2- Buy a well fitted Denim skirt. High waisted are the safest. As they keep it to the edges on your waist. Where in you wouldn’t require a belt. The buttons do that work of keeping in place. 

Anybody can sport this look, just make sure the top you wear should be well fitted for the entire outfit to be in place. 

You can slay !

Heels are a must! You cannot wear sneakers for this, ive seen people do that, but it snaps out the classy feel.

I got this cardigan from “Zara” during a sale. I just love the flowing material, it’s  amazing for the monsoon, or even the summer, it adds a classy look. 

And I’m  sure you’d get these cardigans in various colours on various sites, but next time you find one ! Do take it and style it 💛

I just loved the way this shoot turned out to be, and all the clicks because of her behind the camera Purnima.

I went for a minimal makeup, I made my eyes a little shady with black. Because green and black go really well! 

My red Burberry bag is the show stopper ❤💃

To one of my fav looks! I hope you guys liked it. More stuff coming up, stay tuned💕 and believe♡